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Default Re: usa-john tate/ron paul - urgent

You are right Kristoffer,

Here in US people are in disease for money. This is why it is so hard to communicate with them.
Any good suggestion, any healthy thought ends up with question about how much it will cost.
Many tax payers are aware and afraid that somebody will come up with clever ideas somehow to steal their money. They donít love each other, they donít love neighbor, they donít care about others. They close eyes when somebody is in trouble. They donít have the feeling of peace in the way that all in community are taken care. It is long forgotten and not exercised here in America maybe ever.
Not to work and get healed by doctors freaks out americans; some will use excuses to get money from the system and good health care is in their worries. It sickens me also to see that.

They laugh at M. Moore of the facts he pointed out and still find the problems with him, instead of wake up and change of way of thinking.

Money is all about, greed for money as most important survival need is ruling here.
The disease for money should be healed first, to make this country to think better...

Sorry, and no offence Americans. I am from Europe also.

Yeh, I was too harshÖ.sorry
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