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Default Re: usa-john tate/ron paul - urgent

I agree , but the homie Paul is trying to show everyone that the corporations are still going to own healthcare with this new bill, thus its not going to do what everyone thinks it is. Plus , for people like me who cant afford healthcare, even when this bill makes it what 200 a month, which i still cant afford, I cant afford the fine they are going to give me when i dont pay the mandatory healthcare bill, i think the fine is like 90 a month or possiby alot less eitherway. I cant afford either, thus I am losing out with this new bill. Untill I get a little bit of money saved up then I can afford cheap health care. But if you listen to some of Ron Pauls other interviews you will see where the PTB are going to step in and screw this up too. Its all money. This bill is not trying to really help, if it was it would be way different. But at least theres an attempt right? again the lesser of the two evils thing
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