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Default Re: GOOD NEWS??? Bernanke says recession 'very likely over' LOL

Fed survey finds recovery gaining momentum

By JEANNINE AVERSA, AP Economics Writer – 38 mins ago 12/2/2009

WASHINGTON – The economic recovery gained traction in late fall as shoppers spent a bit more and factories bumped up production. That assessment Wednesday by the Federal Reserve marked its most upbeat view since the economy tumbled into recession two years ago.

The Fed's new snapshot of business barometers nationwide found that conditions have generally improved since the last report in late October.

Eight of the Fed's 12 regions surveyed reported some pickup in activity or improved conditions, the Fed said. Those regions were: Boston, New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas and San Francisco.

The four other regions — Philadelphia, Cleveland, Richmond and Atlanta — described conditions as little changed or mixed.

The new report adds to evidence that the economy is rebounding after the worst recession since the 1930s.


I wonder if the Full Moon today is causing me laugh at almost everthing!!!

Full Moon — December 2, 2009 in Gemini: Disturbing news about transportation and education and the possibility of strikes are to be expected. Mercury, "Lord of Communication and Transportation,” will cause serious setbacks to the possibilities of traveling or communicating. Dramatic changes are ahead in the worlds of transportation, finance, traveling, and the postal industries. Sad news involving serious accidents, terrorism and devastating weather is on its way. Many people will find themselves stranded in airports. The impact of these events will bring on a form of financial death and rebirth for some large corporations who will have to merge to survive. The year will end in a destructive Supernova window and could prove to be difficult for government decisions and actions.

Lunation impact on all signs:

Aries - Difficult news from the mail and a deal or a trip gets you worried.
Taurus - Trouble with a contract or corporation, don’t sign anything now.
Gemini - Stress coming from your past, a business or emotional partner is burdensome.
Cancer - Don’t worry about your past. Stress at home is expected soon.
Leo - A friend and a new endeavor will worry you.
Virgo - A change of career or stress at home is a problem, be patient.
Libra - The mail or telephone may bring you sad news from faraway.
Scorpio - Expect a restructure of your finances and a form of death soon.
Sagittarius - Don’t take any chances with your partners or traveling.
Capricorn - Eliminate all guilt to bring about better work and health.
Aquarius - Love and children matters won't go well for a while, just be patient.
Pisces - Your home life brings stress, you may have to move soon.

From Dr. Turi's 2009 Moon Power Starguide

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