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Default Re: GOOD NEWS??? Bernanke says recession 'very likely over' LOL

Originally Posted by Barcarolle View Post
This may provide some enjoyable sittings or perhaps some enjoyment for us when its time for us to take a dump.
Good One Barcarolle!

TtC, are you there? Going for a minute!!!
(meant to be a joke TtC because I had just read your Replying to Posts thread: )


Here is some good advice about Pump and Dump Schemes from a commission that has no idea how to spot them.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Pump and Dump Schemes

"Pump and dump" schemes, also known as "hype and dump manipulation," involve the touting of a company's stock (typically microcap companies) through false and misleading statements to the marketplace. After pumping the stock, fraudsters make huge profits by selling their cheap stock into the market.

Pump and dump schemes often occur on the Internet (LOL) where it is common to see messages posted that urge readers to buy a stock quickly or to sell before the price goes down, or a telemarketer will call using the same sort of pitch. Often the promoters (The Fed) will claim to have "inside" information about an impending development or to use an "infallible" combination of economic and stock market data to pick stocks. In reality, they may be company insiders or paid promoters (newspapers) who stand to gain by selling their shares after the stock price is "pumped" up by the buying frenzy they create. Once these fraudsters "dump" their shares and stop hyping the stock, the price typically falls, and investors lose their money.

For more information about microcap fraud, please read our publication, Microcap Stock: A Guide for Investors.


I think I better give it up for the night, I'm having a hard time trying to replace words in the above article and make sense. You probably know what I'm trying to achieve. GOOD NIGHT!

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