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I know what you mean about trying to find that next level of knowledge, we "the public" really only get the scraps, and the scraps are more often then not delibritaly misleading.

For whatever reason I have a strong repulsion about joining any order, mystery school, or cult, and I'm sure most of them (all of them) are designed to mislead those who are awakening or have interest in the ancient arts anyways.

This is why I like to read the oldest stuff possible. With the hope that it isn't so manipulated as a lot of the new stuff is. Activating those higher rays/chakras are important to gain that knowing ourselves, which is what they try and hide from us.

Have you come across Poke Runyon on your journeys?
He is fun to watch if your into hermeticism.
Hes got some other vids up as well.

Btw I've not read phylos, so thanks for the tip I'll take a look.

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Aw Thanks

I haven't, but that is something I think I will do. I've been craving some hermetic stuff as of late. I feel like I need to read it all over and over again to really "get it". I wanna know those secrets so bad. Reading Phylos the Thibetan just made me wanna be able to do what those masters did, and I don't think there's any schools around that teach it Maybe somewhere under the Sphinx or something...

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