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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by BraveHeart View Post
repost as my question seems to have been not seen

Greetings Abraxasinas,

I am interested in learning about your thoughts on who i am, i have just joined the site and would like my personal verification and validation .......... will take me a while to completely read this entire thread but at 5 pages in i felt the need to get verification.

Questions --
a/Previous incarnation information
b/Also my roll in this incarnation
c/Where i come from & whom i represent
d/Nibiru you mentioned is earths reflection?? and earth will become Nibiru ??
e/What races or spiecies are on planet right now other than of human origin

i look forward in your reply. hopefully this gets spotted

Warm Regards

Welcome Giuseppe!

No, I did not forget your question, but due to its intricate nature about Cosmic Identity; I had to postpone answering it to find the time necessary to reply to it appropriately. As you may have noticed there is a kind of consciousness conflict occurring on this thread and there are certain priorities I need to attend to, before I can answer intricate questions, such as you have posed.
You have asked a highly pertinent question, which deserves detailed reply.
What I shall so share, will help many others to answer such questions for themselves without requiring guidance of 'gurus' or 'authorities'.

a/Previous incarnation information

Here you should differentiate orders of consciousness interpretation to access this information.
1st order are elementary archetypes, which apply to everyone. Everyone IS this archetype of 1st order and so the labeling of these 'symbols' will reflect a certain generality.

So I can say with absolute assurance that YOU Gioseppe are ADAM, the Son of God AND you have existed even before the physical universe was born in observable materiality.

In this 1st order of the archetypes, you are also BOTH Cain and Abel and Seth, the first three sons of Adam and Eve.
Yes, archetypically, you are both Father and Son in one.

Continuing, you also become Noah and Abraham, 'the Friend of God' and then Isaac and Jacob renamed to Israel.

Yes Giuseppe, you are in 1st order the Holy Land of Israel.

So why do you think so many here FEEL that they have 'special' roles and 'special missions' to fulfil, like saving the world from the evil monsters?

It is because they are indeed CORRECT - in 1st order of the archetypology.

So how many Osiris-is and Isis-is and Maats and Thoths (do you get the subtleties?) are here just in a single forum?

Just as many ADAMS and EVES who decide to 'tap' into their own ADAMEVE 1st order archetype.

So Giuseppe have you been Moses or Napoleon or Cleopatra or one of the apostles of Christ or Christ himself?

I say to you: Yes you have been all of them as ADAM the Son of God.

But you have also been the aborted child of Mary Citizen in 1976 and you have been the Ethiopean child which died of hunger yesterday at 3 o'clock local Greenwich Time.

Ok now you experience something, see a movie about the Cherokee Indians and hearing the beat of the drums you FEEL something - you are getting very emotional about something and you do not know why.

This kind of experience is authored from your 1st order Christ-Consciousness residing deep within you as just so 0.3% of your overall conscious selfawareness.
This then triggers through a 2nd order of the archetypes of this same 'I am Adam' archetype into say 'I am a Family of Adams' or a Race awareness to say that you are this or that ADAMIC SELDEXPRESSION.

So 2nd order archetypes distinguish Personality and Individuality from 1st order unpolarized Unity.
So now you might see, that I should have said ADAM the Son of God is actually ADAMEVE=SonDaughter of God. Polarity undivided.

So 2nd Order is Unity, say as a Race, yet not separatedly expressed.

Here then the Race of the Humans is DIFFERENT from the RACE of the DRAGONS and say the Arcturiian ETs are different from the Pleiadean ETs in polarisation, yet the Humans or the Dragons remain unified as a RACE.

3rd Order of the archetypes then DIVIDES THE RACE.
There are 'good' humans and 'good' dragons and there are 'bad' humans and there are 'bad' dragons etc. etc.
This then defines POLARISATION EXTERNALLY expressed.

The 4th Order then divides the individual polarisation within itself.
This for example then is the conflict of the Inner Self with the Outer Self, say the Mind versus the Body Descartian Duality or some other such yin-yang division of a 3rd Order Oneness, such as Giuseppe Braveheart.

Within a RACE then, some 3rd order exponents, such as yourself begin to REMEMBER their higher order cosmic IDs and then they might experience emotional experiences sent from their Christ-Inner Selves.

'I have a mission', Giuseppe says to himself. 'God or Jesus or some angel or some ET has talked to me in my dreams and as his Son, I Giuseppe Braveheart must now go out there and save the worlds from themselves'.

-Also, I am so familiar with this piece of music, I can play it without notes, I must have composed it in a previous lifetime.

-Those Cherokee drums drive me crazy, I must have been a brave warrior 700 years ago in the Mississippi delta.

-I am so afraid of water and I FEEL I was drowned in the sinking of the Titanic.

So then your feelings and emotional self-response to whatever experiences and environmental stimuli you encounter - the emotional response SHOWS you to accentuate your search for knowledge and wisdom in that field of experience.

b/Also my role in this incarnation

To rediscover and Remember that YOU Giuseppe are ADAMEVE or Cosmic Man or Purusha or Adam Kadmon as the SonDaughter of GoddoG.

c/Where i come from & whom i represent

You are a Secret Agent (like James Bond 007) FOR and on behalf of God, the Prime Creator of the Universe and as ABBA the common Father for both You and Jesus of Nazareth, the Word of God.

Your Story as AdamEVE is told in message #1351. You might term it:

Giuseppe Braveheart: "This is Your Life!"

d/Nibiru you mentioned is earths reflection?? and earth will become Nibiru ??

Yes, Nibiru is the incoming shadow earth merging like an object casting a shadow merges with its own shadow once the lights go out.

e/What races or species are on planet right now other than of human origin

All of them.


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