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Default Video material

I don't now whether 'resources' means advanced material or introductionary material but I'm convinced that a much larger audience will be listening if you present your material in an easy, media-packed format.

Me and my team are trying to do this through the spreading of project camelot videos but also documentaries and other interesting stuff.
The problem we face is that a lot od the interesting videos are copyrighted by companies.
We can link to video communities which hosts these videos but eventually they are all bound to get deleted by the moderators.
We can't host them ourselves, since that would be illegal.

Our main guideline is EASY ACCESS, and linking to public file-sharing sites where the files are compressed and maybe even cut up into pieces is not easy for 95% of the internet users, an embedded youTube player on the other hand is.

Any creative mind who has a brilliant solution to this problem? (:
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