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Default Re: Meetings to discuss New Paradigm?

Originally Posted by R.Z. View Post
It's beginning to appear, to me, that we'll have to expand our scope if we want to get anyone together. The "local" approach just isn't getting any results. Time to think "regional"?
I put together a New England Avalon meeting on October 4th and we got 5 people to turn out from three different states. I was a little disappointed that only 5 people showed up when at least 10 had said they would come.

But it was a good meeting and everyone enjoyed it although only 3 of the attendees had read at least one volume of the Handbook. And by no means was it the type of meeting outlined in the Handbook - it was more just getting to know each other.

A second New England meeting was scheduled in Vermont for later in the month but it had to be canceled for lack of participation.

Before Avalon, I have participated in several small groups discussing the Handbooks and I still discuss the material with others in my area from time to time. Face to face meetings can be made to happen although I'll be the first to admit that it is very difficult. Even those who resonate with the material seem to be so distracted by the circumstances of life that they just don't have the required sense of urgency.

I think we will mostly have to wait until the chaos begins in earnest - at that point it will be possible to wake up people near us much more easily and get the project rolling.
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