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Default Re: Meetings to discuss New Paradigm?

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I went on and found some groups for discussing the Handbook. Nothing in my area, alas. I saw a group in Atlanta, GA, Huntington Beach, CA, Ontario, Canada, Wichita, KS, and some other places.

I am wishing I lived near a group...

I organized one of those meetups in 'some other places' ... I think we're up to eight members and we'll have our fifth meeting next weekend. So far - not one person has showed up.

I started two threads related to this subject in the "global ground crew>united states" section here at avalon - one of them's worth a read anyway.

How to organize a meet-up
... and Any Meet-Up Success Stories ?

The second has had two replies (besides my own).

It's beginning to appear, to me, that we'll have to expand our scope if we want to get anyone together. The "local" approach just isn't getting any results. Time to think "regional"?
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