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Default Re: Details on project Blue Beam..

Originally Posted by Jenny View Post
The IMF has a great opportunity to take the lead on global finance now, he said.
Hi Jenny,

Thanks for the info ....

Well it figures IMF eh ?

Are journalists and ministers stupid or something ?
Sure IMF would want to impose their GLOBAL solution to the problem !
Problem - reaction - solution. It seems Wouter Bos (dutch finance minister) did not learn much about this principle yet.

I stopped watching television but when visiting other people this week I saw a program called "Pauw en Witteman".
They were discussing about how safe ABN-AMRO is now. It can't fall down since it is now 'owned' by the state.
Then Witteman says: "Well why don't we sell all banks to the state then ?"

He must be out of his mind ! Worldwide all banks are nationalized in rapid pace .... What is he thinking this is leading to ?

So much for a journalist.

Sorry for the language folks. But sometimes I get angry, I now know for sure it's not these guys who are going to disclose this.

My big question is: "How do we disclose this on a global scale ?"
The signs of failing global economy are very real and "touchable". This must be a concrete starting point.


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