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Default Re: Gathering a list of peoples skills/ experience/ offerings

Originally Posted by unlimited mind View Post
i live in western north carolina and we are also getting hit pretty hard with the chemtrails. heavy spray and very frequently. as a result, i am also making orgone devices. have you ever used the rare earth magnets in your devices?

i have also contemplated making small coin like devices with gold flakes as a way to trade with in the times ahead. it is certainly one way to weigh it out as a smaller currency.
Hi there Unlimited Mind, Funny you mentioned about the gold flakes, I just finished up an orgone generator HHG using 24kt gold flakes mixed with pure silver flakes along with of course the double terminated crystal with a copper mobius coil (almost like my chembuster). My chembuster has the silver and gold flakes but instead of the crystal being in the metrix, I have six individual crystals That I put one each into six seperate copper pipes that protrude from the orgone matrix (does that make sense).

On my next orgone , I'll be using the Neodymium N50 magnets in the base with the normal aluminum/copper shavings. Along with the mobius coiled crystal, I'll be adding a 15 hz zapper (9 volt battery operated) that will enhance it even more.

The set-ups that I've got right now are very effective as is, but if I can reach out further with the new ones I build, it will be even better. The vortex that I have right now is absolutely great (you can feel alot of the positive energy) and the animals around the area seems to be very attracted to them as well (do you have that happening to you, yet?).

I hope more and more people will make these devises just to see the effects they have from them- it's all positive. Even your plants will love them and grow faster. Put it this way, if the plants, birds, cats, dogs, moose (yes, the moose will lay in my yard), bunnies, squarrels and kids love them, then hey, you know it's positive.
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