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Default The "Jonathan" Material

I stumbled across this guy from his analysis of a Hannity & Colmes clip that shows them using psychological sorcery to disrupt and discredit a 9/11 truther professor.

(Part 1 of three, check out all three parts.)

Which lead me on to his videos on subliminal messages in magazines and TV.

I then consumed the rest of this guy's videos. I highly suggest going through this series, called The Healing Begins Now:

The title sounds corny but this is one of the most amazing series I have ever heard. If you stick with it (his material is a few hours long), you'll want to hear every single video he's ever created (on both accounts, adampants2007 and then adampants2008).

Basically, Jonathan has been learning directly through a spirit connection about what is going on and he explains things that would be new even to those who have watched and heard all the Project Camelot material available.

This guy really is amazing. I know what you're thinking... a spirit connection, yeah yeah... but his words speak for themselves. It's not a "channelled" message, it's practical information on HOW to connect to the Creative Spirit and fight against what he calls the Cancer Consciousness that is the virus plaguing our race today.

Please do check out his videos. His explanation of "scaler reality" will put EVERYTHING into perspective for you.
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