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Default Re: Gathering a list of peoples skills/ experience/ offerings

My family has always been in construction. I can do most anything from the ground up, including general labor, framing, plumbing, operating equipment of virtually any kind, etc. This also gives me some contacts to more people like that. I am very familiar with all that goes with operating a business like this.

I have grown up in a small town, farming community, and know a bit about that.

I have always been a hot-rodder, so I know how to do mechanic work on automobiles.

My current job has been in manufacturing engineering, and more recently, computers and system support. I have always had a knack for fixing electronics, or building PCs.

Pretty much I can handle any task that would be needed, or at the very least, I am a fast leaner, so I could help at anything needed in a pinch…
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