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Default Re: Gathering a list of peoples skills/ experience/ offerings

I live on the Gaspe Coast. I am a mother of 4, with 3 big teenagers who are trying to decide what carreer paths to take and a seven year old daughter.
I have much cooking and cleaning experience hahahahaha.
I like gardening, but havn't had the space this year to do it. I also have a Haflinger (work horse) who could pull a wagon or sled if I can find me one, and a Australian Shepard/Husky who will oneday also be able to pull a sled.
Children and animals thats me. I don't mind to shovel the *#%@.
I would like to learn to build and have recently been interested in these earthships, homes made of tires and recycled materials.
I did take reflexology courses years ago as well. And I love to fill my brain with usefull information. I am not great at getting things started, but love to be of service to those whom I may be able to help out in any way I can.
I have found the most kindness I have recieved myself, has been from strangers, something which always touches my heart.
My hubby takes care of the elderly and is finnishing off his courses next month. He also can paint and do some construction.
I was going to try and see if I could use one of the parcels of land my family own... but they are funny about stuff like that, they think I am to worried for nothing and protect there assets. Because I was given up by them for adoption, I don't really have that comfort to ask for anything.
But... I tryed the law of attraction technique to fullfill my life long dream of getting a horse at the point in my life where it seemed most hopless... I got my horse less then a month later.
Theres a place for me to build a dream out here, just awaiting the opertunity and doing my research in the mean time.
Bright Blessings! ~ Jennifer

Here is my video of home.... close to the sea!
Hopeing the water wont come to high!!!
Click Gaspe Coast Link Below.

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