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Default Re: Space of Love Magazine

Space of Love Magazine, Winter 2010 issue is on its way!

"Amidst our dross and losses
deep in the heart of our common core
slumbers the seed of pristine perfection"

Please read in Issue #6:

* Space of Love Living Diary
Irina and Yuri, continue sharing their Space of Love co-creation story - live!
* Personal Notes about the Recent Breakthru-Technology Conference in Canada
* Swami Beyonananda’s FUNdamentalist Humanifesto: How to Become Fooly Aware
* Education Pioneer
Mary Leue Turns 90

* Lessons from Kenya: The MOOF - COOP
Sustainable Agriculture and Permaculture for Small Communities.
* NEW HOPE Flourishes in AFRICA
The 9th International Permaculture Conference and Convergence.
Chikukwa Community: A Twenty-Year Green Journey of Caring
* Organizational Challenges for RINGING CEDARS Ecovillages (continuation)
Turning Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones- Part III of the Ongoing Series.
What are the Dolmens... Silent About ?
A Journey to Our Culture’s Pristine Origins
* A Multi-Level Expanding Model for Kin's Domain Developments
* Leslie Goldman’s KEEP the BEET on the Fortune 100
Do We Ask Enough of our Seniors?
* Is Water Living Consciousness?
"Rethinking" the Molecular Structure of Water as per Dr. Emoto.
- The Mouse and the Earthquoke. By Lisa Heft.
An Introduction to Systems Theory.
* What If we All Turned Into Life Artists?
* Earth Rights and the Next Economy
How the Earth Can - Again - Belong to Everyone.
The Land is Ours. Is it Not?
Model Criteria for Sustainable Land Development.
* Who Says Sex is Not a Natural Act?
Dr. Regina Jensen continues to explore a New Sexuality.

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