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Default Re: the standard phases of "waking up"

Originally Posted by izz View Post
i think it is a word that alot of people interpret in different ways .. if you go to the icke forums they are always talking about how ' awake ' they are .. but they mean .. awake to conspiracies and suddenly awakening to the fact they have been conned by the power mongers ..

I agree with you saying that "a lot of people interpret in different ways", sure and I respect that as long as no one pushes, which this article may be touched by it, it is more in a cynical way - considering the fear this guy has for the controllable mass - to what is happening to average people allround the (western) world. Now to just put Alan Watts work next to Icke's seems to me very far fetched where I can assure you that Watt never speaks about this so called reptilians.
It's mostly about the stuff that you and I can lookup very easy.

My personal view is about people. Just as they stand before me I'll be loving or I walk. And if you experience joy and love with what you do I am happy for you, sincerely.

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