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Default Re: Anastasia - Please, please read these hope filled books...

The Ringing Cedar series brought so much light to my life, I recommend the series to everyone!

I must also tell you my experience with

I worked with them for over a year, going out to Ashland OR and visiting the land.
I met some extraordinary people who I felt were my new family

We had weekly "Intake" meetings and contacted all those interested in making a Space of Love on their domain

There had been others involved before us. I always wondered how they could leave such a beautiful undertaking as creating a new paradigm on earth.

Now I know

The "leader" of the group takes people in, takes their money for the land and lives on it

Then screws everything up so the "land" is not really Shambhalas land but his

He has done everything on a handshake so he can keep the money

Then they leave and he recruits a whole new team of people

He finds people who are loving, trusting and kind

This is how the darkness uses the light

I have not included all the drama attached to all the people I know and love who have had their hearts broken. One woman, 74 years old, a minister, moved there from Florida only to find this out first hand. She told me the lies and the deception were insurmountable. Thank God she found another soul to live with away from this darkness.

I feel I need to disclose this place for what it is, not only for karmic reasons but out of integrity for my fellow human beings.

If you know anyone who is looking to buy a domain in Shambhala tell them to be very careful and to get everything in writing, which I tried to, btw, and was always brushed off.

Two rules to follow in this Twilight Zone we live in:

"By their fruits you shall know them"

"Watch out for the Wolves in Sheep's clothing"

Love to all
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