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Default Re: Anastasia - Please, please read these hope filled books...

Thought I would bump this thread... great set of books by the way..

I see a lot similiarities with The Phoenix Journels... I suppose it does'nt matter how we get these messages but ultimately the source is the same.

If you have some spare time I urge all to read... you can get then for a song (not expensive) now on ebay/amazon...

Anastasia states..
"I certainly cannot do it alone. It can only be known through the joint effort of the devine particles to be found in various people living on earth.- people with opposite modes of thinking and comprehension. Only through a joint effort will be seen, and then in a dimension invisible to the eye- the domain of thoughts. One can also call it the dimension of the forces of light. It exists between the material world,in which man lives,and God.

"I shall see it, and many others will ,too. Then it will be easier to attain a universal conscious awareness.. It will be easier to bring mankind through the dark forces window of time. And the catastrophes will not be repeated."

"Specifically, what the people need to do right now to make the answer appear?"

"It would be fine if a lot of people could wake up in the morning at a set time- 6 o'clock,say- and think about something good. What specifically they think about is not important. It is important that they come out with bright thoughts. They can think about their children, about their loved ones, about how to make everyone happy. If they could only think fifteen minutes like that. And the more people that do that, the quicker the answer will come. The Earth's time zones may be different, since the earth is turning, but the images created by these people's bright yearnings will merge into a single,clear,fufilled image of conscious awareness. The simultaniety of bright thoughts will intensify each person's ability many many times."

Happy reading...

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