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Originally Posted by Brinty View Post
Anybody who has read the original Sherlock Holmes stories will be aware of his drug taking. I quote the following from Wikipedia:

The use of drugs

Holmes uses addictive drugs, especially when he lacks stimulating cases, most often cocaine in a seven-percent solution. Despite his occasional use of its derivative morphine, he expresses strong disapproval of the use of opium. (The philosophy of the time made drug usage legal.) Watson disapproves of his drug use and describes it as the detective's "only vice." Watson later says he has "weaned" Holmes off drugs, citing their destructive qualities, but views Holmes' drug habit as "dormant" and "not dead, but merely sleeping." At one point Watson actually assumes that Holmes has taken drugs after the detective stays up much of the night.
Thanks for clearing that up for me Brinty....I was shocked when I saw that.
It was actually a little funny too
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