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Default Re: _AVALON LOUNGE_ Open 24 hours

Originally Posted by Luminari View Post
Wow thats great that you watched it Brook, its a brilliant lecture.. and funny! I just got his 'Crossing the Event Horizon' DVD set!! haven't watched them all yet, but quite excited

The lounge is quiet tonight. Too many damn (I can say 'damn' here but I cant say 'c.r.a.p' without it being censored, what are we.. babies?) politics threads distracting everyone, or is it just the growing number of nexus-event related threads?

I would love to join in on the global meditation but until they master the timing of the events and become more flexable than the 1 set TIME utilised so far... to say 6 AM on a Sunday morning is a bad time for me would be an understatement

I will still support their efforts.

I remember FIRE The GRID back on 7.7.07 which was a similar thing but on a much bigger scale.

The 'global gathering of the rainbow warriors' has a much greater potential in the long term though, I commend their valiant efforts so far, and think that creating a collective consciousness through the meditation and directing its mind-force toward healing and peace is a great and empowering idea.

I would like to participate in a global CSETI meditation where we all vector in as many ET spacecraft in to Earth as we can to make themselves apparent over some major cities to end the ******* truth embargo once and for all. Amen to that.
That is a Great Idea....I love it!
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