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Wink Re: Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Zero-Point Energy


Best Greetings to All

Having reviewed some of the work of Nassim Haramein, I must say that he is indeed 'on the Right Track'. This is not to criticize his work, and don't want to drag in too many details here, but his theories fall a little short.

In a section of Mr. Haramein's pages, he discusses the 'Torque and Torsion' inherent in Energy which is the force which drives the Spin - from Galaxies to Electrons. He presents the Torsion as a Dual flow.

The Truth of Creation Energy is a Seven-Fold flow in continuous motion, continuous regeneration, and applicable to the entire Universe, Galaxies, Stars, Planets, Electromagnetic forces, Chemical reactions, Nuclear processes, Electrons, all Baryons and Leptons, Photons, and all Sub-Atomic interactions - including several 'levels' below the Quarks (which are, as of now, still undiscovered and un-named).

I will add more to this discussion soon in the relationships of Quantum Resonance to 'Action-at-a-distance', the non-locality of effects seen in physics, and the reason for telepathy, &c.

This picture is a two-dimensional representation of the seven-dimensional, seven-fold flow of Creation Spirit Energy, underlying all matter...:


Until next time, good night, Pleasant Dreams


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