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Default Re: Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Zero-Point Energy

Thank you J_rod7, for the interesting thread.
It will take some time to digest, with all the references.

I like your logical way to “simplify inputs” with a letter notation.
But shouldn't we also use the letter notation L, as in Lie.
T`, F` and T : Because as I see it, we have been taught lies and partly lies for a long time by the “power elite”.
I have heard that experiments, have shown that you must have at least around 30% level of truth, in the idea, statement or concept.
If you are a “good liar”, you will succeed, with that low level.
I am also thinking of Viktor Schaubergers experiment about vortices.
If you read that, you will understand that it is fully believable that everything shows a similar mechanism.
For example we have been taught about our planet and all the mechanisms, and then you hear about the “hollow earth”, this is more than impossible to believe.
But if you have read about Schaubergers experiments and similar experiments, it is fully acceptable.
What if, we have been lied to that much?

I have used before a program called “Scilab” and it seems to handle a lot, and it was free.
As I understand this Scilab is available for both Linux and Windows.
Maybe it's still free, it is similar to Mathlab, which is not free.

I believe strongly in an “aether-model”, is your ideas adaptable to the “aether-model”?

Do you believe that “energy” can be transferred between different dimensions, which is difficult for us to perceive in our dimension?

I believe to make “energy calculations”, you have to consider dimensional transfer of energy as well.
What is your opinion about this?

I have also heard or read about ideas that the fastest speed in different dimensions is squared, to each other.
For example in this dimension speed of light “c” and in the next dimension it is “c^2” and so on.
Is this thinking adaptable to your “model”?

Viktor Schauberger was also writing about “Ur-things”, is this the same “Ur” that you are mention?

I think it is a VERY GOOD IDEA to consider a thread in question as a “work in progress”, we should do that more frequently.

Personally I think we have to rewrite nearly everything that we consider to be knowledge.
What is your opinion about this?

“Keep up the steam – we are Avalon team”.
Comments appreciated
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