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Default Re: Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Zero-Point Energy


I have read thru this and though I am not a physics person per se-I know when something is missing. Especially when I have heard from someone with
an interesting and easier way to explain. I am talking about Nassim Haramein.

Jrod7-I know you MUST be brilliant and your heart is in the right place- but Please listen & read Nassim Haramein's work. It is easy to understand and it is brilliant in explaining quantum physics and why that is only a partial picture to "matter". According to Nassim Haramein, every entity and every atom has a Black Hole. It is important to note that any point anywhere is infinite and that the Universe is FRACTAL. (In any direction!!!) I know,with your background,you will have a very profound use of this info of Haramein's.
Here are the links:

Please go to the section called:Research
There is quite alot in pdf form!!

I also want to bring up a great site that is very amazing!!
The Code by Carl Munck(Whom Astralwalker brings into his
thread)You will enjoy this (even those that are not mathematical!!)
Carl Munck brings up that secret societies hid the True 0 points of the longitude and latitude lines in order to hide the sacred sites forming energy grid patterns!!!

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