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Default Re: The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider

I want to just say that if anyone looks at this and reads the "Insider" material then they should also read the "Hidden Hand" material afterwards in order to make a fair judgment.

Both links are contained within the thread, but I'd personally recommend reading Insider first and H_H second, as I think it will make more sense that way.

A question for those who have read both:

H_H acknowledges the presence of the Orion Group as well as reptilian species here on Earth at this time, although he states that they are "of no particular threat." This seems directly in conflict with the claims of various contactees (i.e. Alex Collier, George Green, etc.) whose ET contacts have informed them that these groups are very much a threat (particularly in Collier's case, not so much GG, but others too). Insider said something to the effect of we "have more power than (we) think."

Another point that H_H makes multiple times is that people cannot be given information unless they request it...i.e. Law of Confusion and Law of Free Will. He states that we always have a right NOT to know, and to remain in ignorance. I've been trying to put some of this moving on to my question.

Does anyone here, who has read BOTH Insider and H_H, think that perhaps the Pleiadians/Andromedans/benevolent ET sources are knowingly giving us false info in regards to the seriousness of the threat of reptilians, Orions, other malevolent ET's, so that we may use it as a catalyst to better ourselves? Are they playing the opposite side of the field by exaggerating genuine occurances to at least nudge us in the right direction? H_H states that the Lucifer Soul Group and the Pleiadians are "friends," so maybe the benevolent ET groups are simply just respecting the laws of free will and confusion by not telling their Earth contacts who is really in control?

Note that H_H says that there are "others" who are willing to take the place of the Lucifer Soul Group and the Illuminati Families after the Harvest (2012) occurs and they all move to 4th Density Negative. I've heard other whistle blowers, contactees, etc. state that the Earth is basically under the control, by contract, of malevolent ET groups (Sirius, Orian, Draconians, etc.). And Collier says that he was told that in a few years time the Draconians will return to take control of Earth. So are they going to become the "Hidden Hands" of power for those who remain in 3rd Density after the Harvest (the "lukewarms" as H_H calls them)? This is getting way into the realm of speculation...again another reason why I hope another member of the "Family" presents the opportunity for discourse again soon, so we can clear this up.

Or maybe it's just a hoax and we're being misled? Maybe we're all just a bunch of loonies?

The plot thickens!
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