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Default Re: How do you feel about christmas?

Originally Posted by Jacqui D View Post
With the christmas season coming on ever forward i would like to know what you feel about it.
Do you believe the story of the infant christ child?

How has your perspective of christianity changed since your awakening?

Will you be celebrating this year, with the financial system at breaking point and the general understanding now shared by most on this site.

Perhaps you never believed in christmas, if so, what are your beliefs?

With the vast amount of information that has been given to you from the Camelot site how has this changed your ideals.

Should we be celebrating in this ritualistic annual event and do you know the true meaning of the christmas tree and the giving of presents?

After all is this not a celebration to the sun god, the father the son the holy spirit.

If you have understood anything on this site then make this year the year of breaking free from the programing, we do not need trees and presents to give happiness, we just to need to give ourselves the truth.
Something that has been eluded since time began.

If we can make any stand against these powers that keep us trapped lets make a stand now and refuse to take part in a sun god ritual.
Are you brave enough to say no!
Perhaps you are afraid of what your family will think!

This year i will not put a christmas tree up or fairy lights and i will tell my family that the giving of presents are not necessary but the giving of peace and love is far more expensive than most can provide.

Christmas is a very important day for all mankind. Its true meaning has been supressed. So are all holidays true meanings supressed.
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