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Default Unhappy with Avalon changes?

I have a website that I began some time ago. It covers most of the same topics as Camelot and Avalon (although without the great one on one interviews). My site has a few articles - but before I could get much written I got sidetracked on another project.

I have added a forum. If anyone here would like to have a free flowing discussion with the hope that ideas will coalesce into a strong understanding and sense of community, let me know.

Also, I originally set the main site up to allow for contributors and article writers to add their own original content. If anyone would like to educate others with their own informative articles or commentary we can publish those on the main site.

The URL for the site is and the forum is located at

PS: Out of respect for the owners of this site I haven't 'plugged' my site at all until now. The only reason I am doing it now is it seems many people here are looking for a community with a less rigid structure where thoughts and ideas can flow on a variety of topics.
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