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Default Re: No Raise for S.S.I. this year

Originally Posted by Shadowstalker View Post
I got a letter at the end of December stating the my son will not be getting his annual raise this year for his S.S.I. checks. They are claiming that the cost of living did not go up this past year. He only gets 654$ a month..
Blessings Shadowstalker,

Here is another thread with some additional information regarding SSI COLA

Big Cuts in Medicare and Medicaid Coming

Excerpt POST #12

It's official - there will be no Social Security COLA through 2012- and I don't mean an unsatisfying beveage to wash down your government cheese.

POST #11

...It would be wise to find a book telling you what plants and things are edible and healthy so those that need it will have an option.

SEASHORE: We members should be posting any ideas like this one that we can come up with... We know we have a horrible situation and we're going to have to do whatever we can to help each other.
Edible wild plants: a North American field guide By Thomas S. Elias, Peter A. Dykeman

Blessings Seashore,

I just found out the delicate wood violet flower is edible (add to salads and make jams) and packed with Vitamin C (5 times more than oranges) (Vitamin A and Antioxidant anthocyanin), yum (ate a few yesterday), they are just popping up here now. I haven't checked out to see how they can be dried and still maintain nutritional value for future use.

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