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Default Re: Steven Greer's statement about UFOs not flying.

'However, just by making that statement he is excluding all video footage of 'UFOs' suggesting that they are wrong, which in my mind, is a very bold thing to do.' - steve

"Bold indeed and labour lost
Then farewell heat and welcome frost"

Little shakespeare for the morning.

I always get the impression that steven doesnt believe what he is saying, or he is not saying what he really believes, as in lying by ommission. Which is a fair enough assumption for any speaker on this subject. His beseeching on the subject of diplomacy went straight to my gut as fear on his behalf. Just a personal observation. I dont think that he will succeed because if the 2001 testimony didnt even make a storm in a teacup then I dont know what would, I also dont believe that the testimony of 10's of respectable observers from the army, military etc on the proof of life outside of Earth could have been overshadowed by 9/11. It simply couldnt have been. I mean there are thousands of descent scientists all over the world being paid to search for just that. They alone could have resurfaced the story at any point and havent. It was either purposefully doomed to failure or I dont know human beings, because if people thought there was evidence they would certainly be interested.

About the flying or not, it seems to me they just appear and would have more in common with ghosts than aeroplanes. You are just never getting anywhere in this universe before you would die in a metal ship. Its ludicrious, you would have to be able to move intstantly or quickly through time or somehow inhabit time.

Ok I drink a lot of coffee

greetings everyone
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