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Default Re: ancient site discovered

Originally Posted by KathyT View Post
Great find unlimited mind!

Does anyone else see a face in this photo too, in the rock on the lower left?

Of a head laying on it's side?

And also the following one, a head on it's side? Was this the same rock, or a different rock?

I suggest contacting some Anthropology/Archaeology departments at a University nearby, soon. It won't be long before your pictures will be circulating the internet email.

Call a local newspaper and talk with an editor.

Get yourself going lady, or someone else is going to beat you to announcing this discovery.

Not sure they're anything like the Stone Heads of Easter Island, the similarity is in size:
thanks kathy, after i read your message i started spinning all sorts of wheels. and i did not see the face in the rock, until i uploaded the pictures. it is the same rock. and the vegetation has almost grown over it in just the past few weeks.

so the update from the trip today was more magic happened. i am glad i posted this here and asked the right question, because spirit aligned the universe for me.

i found some more interesting anomalies at the 'face' site, found some pieces of the puzzle, and then moved on to that water fall. now that mountain is so steep, you almost have to crawl up it. and the energy there is VERY high. this is one of the things i am obseerving within myself right now, is how to allow more and more of that higher energy into my grid. what i practiced today, is serious GROUNDING. i have always been pretty good at this, but it seems that it is really really needed as we all move forward.

the waterfall is not completely nature made. here is a poor quality picture, but i could not seem to get my camera to work properly at the waterfall. the energy is really powerful.

as you can see, these are blocks and slabs. this area is very steep, so there is no way that our current civilization made this. we have no equipment for this kind of work. it was outrageous, and well worth the climb.

as i left, i had a last minute urge to stop at this store. i walked in to find that they were closed. the owner asked me what i needed, and i said i didnt know, LOL, but could i wash the dirt off my hands. as i was leaving his store, i told him about the 'face' and he suggested i contact Marshall McClung, as he was the expert around those parts, he even gave me his number after i showed him a picture of the 'face'. so the email is sent.

when i googled Marshall i found these articles he had written about the area, pretty cool stuff.

anyhow, that is it for now, still lots of work to sort out the new pictures and get them cataloged. looking forward to what happens next.


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