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Default Re: ancient site discovered

Originally Posted by hobbit View Post
Unlimited mind,
Hello ,
I would recommend posting that site on the megalithic portal .
it is the best and most well informed site on the web for such enquiries.
your site looks to be what We call a long barrow in england, they are normally described as burial chambers, but I would venture to suggest differently, though burial and return portals of our non physical selves they will have been, imo.
The sacred sites and mysteries section of the forum may be your best port of call on there.
thank you VERY much hobbit, i really appreciate this. i am not an archeologist nor do i know one, so i am flying by the seat of my pants. one of the people i wrote to was william henry so maybe he will eventually get back to me. either way, i am going to continue digging around, without the shovel, for now.
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