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Talking Re: ancient site discovered

Originally Posted by Orion11 View Post

what an awesome discovery!!

Very very cool unlimited mind!!

man, i am excited for you, just looking at the pics!
great pics btw!

that place feels amazing!

and that pic of the colored anomolie,

I dunno what that is... but that has got to be the coolest "lens flare" ever!! lol

Mind if i keep that picture?
that's somethin else man, beauty. <3

can you tell us more about the "moon eyed people"?

did you notice any particular , different feelings/thoughts while there?

thanks for sharing!

its not everyday that kin finds something like this, whatever it may be.
aloha orion11,
the energy there is blissful, feels 'quiet' and still. my friend and i were passing by in the truck, and we both noticed the slabs from the road, looked at one another, and jodi slammed on the brakes to pull in. it was that kind of day.

after we hung out there for a few hours, we got back in the truck to find that the tachometer read 999 (the completion number). so we decided to find out what would happen at 000. when we stopped there, a pileated woodpecker drummed a nice tune for us. at 001 is where we found the second site, with the tear drop shaped in another large boulder. very shamanic day indeed.

i can't seem to get the site out of my head, it keeps calling me back. we may have stirred the energy there. here is jodi in the 'doorway' with orbs fluttering all around.

i have been looking around on the net for any kind of research about the moon-eyed people, and every time i read these articles, something doesn't feel right about it. now if the cherokee were running these people off their land, i would say that they were not very highly vibrating entities. yet, i am not even sure if any of these researchers have had a conversation with a cherokee elder. so that is my current plan.

i am going back there tomorrow to spend the weekend and get a better feel of how big the site is. from my intuition only, i am guessing this site is much older than 5000 years from the looks of that 'waterfall'. that will be my first stop tomorrow. once i have a better idea of what all is there, i will make an attempt at contacting the cherokee about this.

my gut is telling me that this isn't about the moon eyed people at all. why would the moon eyed people erect an astrological observatory, which is my assumption about that 'notch' in the slab at the 'face' site. it doesn't appear that these slabs are in there original location, so i am going to be looking for how the puzzle is put together a bit closer this time.

anyhow, the 'portal' is a copyrighted image my friend. you can use it as you wish with that in mind. cause ya never know, it might be the cover of a book someday

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