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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Raven View Post
Heya Abraxas,
I have a few questions relating to my path that i hope you can answer.

What is the significance of the numbers 3 and 33? (since i can remember, these two numbers keep repeating in my life)

Hi Raven!

The Pythagorean Tetractys is basic to the manifesto of a material universe.
There are three ROUND or Curved Numbers of the Mentality: 3 and 6 and 9 with the mirror number 33 the Mental Master-Number of Self-Reflection.

There are three LINAR or STRAIGHT Numers of the Physicality: 1 and 4 and 7 with 11 the Physical (Verbal) Master-Number raising to the 44 in (Telepathy as Higher Verbosity say).

There are three MIXED Numbers of the Spirituality-Emotions: 2 and 5 and 8=44 with 22 the Master-Number.

1+4+7=12 becomes the Physical Plane; 2+5+8=15 becomes the Spiritual-Emotional Plane and 3+6+9=18 becomes the Mental Plane and summing to 45 as the tetractys of the Binary Duad {0,1} transforming into the Decad (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}.
From this derive the archetypes of 9 Timelords as a form of the Enneadad say.
The duodecimal system then eventuates in the arithmetic dimensional manifestation of the Decad via the definition of the dimensional matrix of the Maria-Code with 10=1+0=1, 11=1+1=2 and 12=1+2=3:

The Maria-Code is based on the distribution of the Maria-Numbers (MN)given by:
M(p)+99=M(p+12); n=[√(264k+1)-1]/2 by n2+n-66k=0.
Maria Numbers are those IntegerCounts, which contain all previously counted integers as mod33.
Example: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11=66 = 2x33 → '11' is MN#1 for k=2 11love65use110love164use209love263use......Archety pe 2 (rootreductive) 21use66love120use165love219use264love......Archety pe 3 (rootreductive) 32use77love131use176love230use275love......Archety pe 5 (rootreductive) 33love87use132love186use231love285use......Archety pe 6 (rootreductive) 44love98use143love197use242love296use......Archety pe 8 (rootreductive) 54use99love153use198love252use297love......Archety pe 9 (rootreductive) 65use110love164use209love263use308love....Archetyp e 2*... ...

Archetypes 2+3+5+6+8+9=33 and Archetypes 1+4+7+0=12 then define the imaginary time-dimensions as the archetypes not in the Sequence for Eps=1/e* Coefficients used in the application of the seven fundamental principalities to define the F-Space.

Sirius- Many incarnations here in the non-physical on a planet called Atla, with egyptian connections to Nefretitii and the birth of a bloodline from Sirius via a high ceremony in the temple of Karnak. I have had glimpses of these past lives in dreams and meditation. i can contact these energys if i focus on a blue-white light, which i have been told is the light of Sirius. i want to go home, i consider this place my home. Can you tell me what you know about this place, what density it is ect?

The Sirius Starsystem is 'Man's Best Friend' and will be the 'First Contact'.
The 'opening' of the 4th space dimension is programmed to occur midway the star Sirius A in Canis Major and Gaia so 4.3 lightyears from the Mayan nexus point.
This means that this is the primordial Stargate which will be PHYSICALLY implemented and having begun to be prepared since June 25th, 2008.

also i did the numerolgy thing and my name (RL) added up to 95. Can you tell me the significance of this number?

If you calculated correctly:


why is it i have had an affinity for the sun since i was little? i can gaze on the full solar disk any time i wish, for how ever long i wish, and have since i can remember with no harm to my eyes. vision is 20/20. when i do this i experience notime and cannot think or form words. its like a meditation for me a connection to source. i have past life memorys of sun worship, aztec, egyptian, annizazi and atlantis. Can you explain what the thubans know about this part of my path?

You or someone else here have asked this question before and I answered to not subject your 3D eyes to this expose.
If your human DNA is Sirian to a large extend in its multidimensionality, you may well carry certain extensions and encodings, which give you a kind of immunity to solar physical 3D radiation. I have no further data on this; but yes, if so, then your own preceptions on the matter wrt past and future are relevant and appropriate.

i have never been regressed, hypnotized or anything else. i have had re-occuring dreams since i was 3 years old and this is how i discovered they must be past life rememberance. i am what castaneda refers to as a Dreamer.

I can see and feel that.

i have only had one consious obe in my life, the rest comes from dreaming and as such i dream lucidly. in that obe i saw my reflection in a lake of water, it was brighter then anything you could imagine. It was a huge star like orb of intense blue-white light, i could barely look upon it. i forced myself to look at my reflection ,and eventually i was able to gaze at it. as i did i, i experienced a full awakining to all that is/GOD/higherself, whatever you want to call it. It was infinite and vast and so full of love that i lost myself in it for what seemed like eternity. when i came back to my body i awakened and only 30 mins had passed. i have never been able to have a conscious obe since. I have moments of 'nin' , sometimes lasting minutes, days, even weeks, but i cannot seem to maintain this Oneness that i feel, this totality. RL seems to interfere and i have to 'land' back on earth.

You gazed upon your true self Raven, the One that sits in the judgement seat about yourself, the True God of the creation.
The Story of the Judgement Day here tells YOUR and everyones story.

Do the thubans have any suggestions on how to keep this state of extacy? Or is this something that will become easier as we approach the birth?

The Thubans cannot extrapolate on your self-discovery. To reexperience this revelation, I feel, is to experience the New Gaian environment in harmonization with itself.

Please, if you have time and energy could you answer some of these with your wonderful mirror of Thuban It will help me to fill in the blanks of my story with the light of your love.
Sincerely, Raven
You are alays welcome dear Raven!

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