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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

If we are trying to remember who we are is that referring to our very fist incarnation or all incarnations? If we have some will or choice between lives to choose who we reincarnate as or who family members will be then before our very first incarnation who's will was it to create me? Or was I always here? If my soul is infinite in the future was it infinite in the past?
Will you agree that a young child should not be worried about on a spiritual level and treated as an equal as an adults soul path? Meaning they chose this incarnation and everything that comes with it and the parent has his own path.
Does the wall of knowledge end with council of Thuban? What lies between the council and the One/Source?
Is all "magic" science?
Were you well read in all these areas before your contact with the Thuban? If so is that why you were picked to pass on this advanced knowledge?
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