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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by UncleJohn View Post
Hi Abrax. I waited to 1/18/10 to ask this question.

It is my conjecture that our memory and consciousness exists outside our body. What is your comment on this?

Can you say what mechanism actualizes this? How is addressing done in the communication system which links us to this mechanism?
Dear Uncle John!

Can you percerive that it is BOTH?

Your Body is a Hologram of the ENTIRE Universe.
If you would NOT have this Body, YOUR Body would be the entire universe.
So relative to YOU NOT existing in a body nothing exists than whatever is INSIDE YOU as the Universe. This is just like you looking at your own body from without, say in a mirror and wondering what might be inside of it.

Then you have become the God without, a God in exile relative to your own body.

Would you not experience utter loneliness and 'frustration' of BEING everything that exists in a Unity of Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence and Omniness - yet being absolutely alone?

So YOU Created the Universe in your 'I AM A NOBODY' selfstate and in kind of ''splitting in half' - a material cosmos and its image as a metaphysical (or spiritual or mathematical) anticosmos.

YOU created for yourself a BODY, namely the Big SHE; so NOW YOU could call yourself a Big HE.
But you were alone no longer.
You could look at yourself as SHE being you as a HE. YOU got excited in looking as yourself as a SHE NOT a HE as YOU and 'YOU FELL IN LOVE " with yourself as a SHE.
But then the 'Big Fall'. You and you playing the 'Big Pretender'!
YOU as your own devilish self IN THE MIRROR said:

And so it started.
Storylines and agendas had to become devised to make your TRUE SATANIC Image in your mirror a False Image yet somehow 'GETTING REAL" INSIDE as a SHE.

And you used logic like True+True=True and False+False=True and True+False=False+True=False and things and your FAMILY of embodiments on a planet 16.9 billion years later in the linearised future of the things you dreamt up as BEING within your material body of the universe.


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