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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Firstlook View Post
The exchanger,

I read the last post on the 2010 thread. Very good analogy. Thank you.


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Thank you very much for your pointing me to-wards The Seth Material. I never heard of Jane before. She must have felt so alive with information being channeled. The passage you layed out was very clear to me. To be honest, I hope to have that experience again one day, but with more confidence and knowledge of myself. Thank you again.

I've been reading many of your posts on dimensions and densities and how they are distinguishable. Very complicated for me. lol. But I was wondering if you or the council know of a diagram or perhaps even some artwork that helps represent this material in more of a visual representation. If not, perhaps that is something for me to imagine and interpret.


Dear Joey!

The Seth material is rather good in pointing to the Science of Reality, fully incorporating the 'Spirit'. It is similar to the Law of One material in this respect. I would fully recommend it in this regard.
Where the Seth material is rather 'bad' is in all aspects relating to scriptural history. The reason for this is, that its excellence in terms scientific data had to be 'corrupted' in its disinformation regarding the scriptural histories - and as say in the required 'Law of Confusion' as described in the Ra material.

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