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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Fellow fragment Seafury:

I'm not the OP but I have an opinion to share. What do you know? That is what matters to you. All these opinions presented here from individuals or commonly referenced consensus views are filtered (necessarily) through layers of distortion.

Its been interesting to watch this thread unfurl. What I see are opinions and expression of facts - many of which my limited mind cannot comprehend.

There is no proof and never will be.

If I said -

"Mate, I've been studying this for years. I invented a long-levity/polymorphing technique back in the 1400's and have studied ever since under masters all round the globe. I am basically the wisest most knowledgable persona on the planet. I have hundreds of advanced degrees in all the scientific discipline - I am an epic polymath - I mentored all the big name scientists recently - you didnt hear of me because - well I am compassionate and forced myself to keep it low key all this time for fear of you shrivelling up in the presence of my huge and overpowering ego and from the sheer force of my amazing intellect - basically I am infallible, I am never wrong, I have a huge following people who all know the truth and will back me up on this - the answer is that there are precisely 42 dimensions each with an energetic layering known to you as denisities vibrating across different dimensions that are arranged in octaves defined by quantum boundaries." [1]

Are you then going to say - ah - thanks Mr Anchor, that wraps that up then.

I freaking hope not!

There is no proof. There never will be. It doesn't matter if God himself appeared on this forum and told you stuff, while you are in this body and behind the veil of forgetfulness - you are going to be tasked the same as each of us - to sort the wheat from the chaff. There is no 100% accurate source of information that can be communicated to you that resides outside you.

In my opinion the core message of Abraxasinas - whether he be a jolly good story teller or a real master dragon (whatever that is) known as Sirebard Beardris [ Abraxas - I mean no disrespect here ] is to test everything against your internal database.

All we can do is to read and understand the information and perspectives presented and decide for ourselves. The on going process of discussing these views may result in some consensus - but it still isn't proof it can still be wrong. It may not even get you closer to the truth.

You are on your own - there is no truth for you, until you decide it is true


[1] this is made up

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