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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Myplanet2 View Post
Ok. And thanks again for your answer. I can see the above, in terms of turning a circular into a linear representation. And also how repetition would result, as the end point on a loop would equal the start point.

But in going back to your original post to me that raised the question, I find no more clarity now than I had when I first read it.

Here it is:

I haven't studied any numerology and it holds no meaning for me therefore. Is there any way of explaining simply why you have chosen this moment to come forward with your information? I've very curious about this, because of several things. I'm aware of a tremendous shift in consciousness and energy in the last month or so, AND I have recently encountered a great Dragon Queen and conversed with her, AND I've asked some of my higher guides if they'd heard of the council of Thuban, or just simply Thuban, and none of them have. Things are changing very rapidly now, and I'm just trying to keep track of the "players" as they enter and exit the game. why now?
Hi Myplanet2!

Ok, I can see where you are coming from. Should you ask your 'higher guides' following January 18th, 2010 - they will KNOW about Thuban.

Think of this date like a sealed letter from the higherD to the lowerD. The LowerD's contain ALL higher selves, channels and so on whatsoever.
So because the sealed letter is not read by the astral and higher astral (etheric in some labelings) 'planes'; the Thubanese information is not known under this label.
It is precisely such an unknown label to differentiate it from say the Melchizedek label - which it is.
This allows all of the dimensions to clearly COMPARE the Thuban data to all other data due to the uniqueness of the labeling.

This is part of the timeline indicated above and has very little association with numerology, as these are real 4-dimensional dates of the Gregorian Calendar.

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