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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Myplanet2 View Post
I'm sorry, but I can not make use of your explanation. It too uses descriptions I have no basis for understanding. Can you tell it in a story? or draw a mental picture?

I understand how time loops, in the sense that we use the law of attraction to pull experiences from our past and toss them into our future path.
If you roll a wheel along the ground after having paint put on the perimeter of the wheel, then you will find a Linearization of the circle comprising the perimeter of the wheel.
The length of the 'painted line' on the floor will be the 'Wavelength' of the wheel as the circumference or size of the wheel.
The painted line will be like a time-interval or inverse frequency for the movement of the wheel in dynamical motion of rolling along the ground.

Then each full rotation of the rolling wheel will be like a quantum of time alike the rotation of the wheel being stationary on an axle say not moving linearly but simply revolving about its pivotal axis in Circular Now-Time intervals.

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