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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by eleni View Post
Anna Hayes says she was used at Montauk (so was I, I grew up not too far from it).......
She "said" then that is probally why I missed it. I seriously didnt get that from her books. (pss I skipped alot of stuff in the back ) I get confused and jump around with her terms and think some of it, I really don't need at this time.

She told me she was visited by guardians that used orbs and then was visited by reptilians and so they changed the method of visiting so she would not get confused. Me, I have never been visited/channelled/or had information downloaded...............I am strickly on my own.

But then if you were also in a montauk project then you would have to work twice as getting the truth

have to edit this as I just read what stardust wrote, so Eleni, can you point me to where you got this information ? Thanks, I too, recall hearing exactly what stardust wrote. My head is spinning and YES, it means alot for me. Thank you Eleni

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