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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
Hi Myplanet2!

In the grander perception time does not exist, but becomes a Now-Time Loop.
In physical terms this Quantizes Time as a minimum Planck-Time Interval.
The Planck-Time minimum instigated the so termed Inflation of the de Broglie tachyonic Universe as a Matter-Wave and BEFORE the Quantum Big Bang occurred, leading into Classical General Relativity and the Thermodynamic Planck Black Body Radiator expansion of Standard Cosmology.
The Quantum Big Bang then manifested at the Weyl-Time, a magnified form of the Planck-Time and about larger by a factor of a trillion.

This Weyl-Time becomes a Now-Time-Loop as the Wormhole-Frequency and so defines the intersection of the Finite Universe with its Infinite Source precursor.

This then is the omni-scientific basis for the concept of Time as being circular and yet becoming linearized in an unfolding of this loop as discrete timeintervals, each of duration the Weyl-Time quantum.

Any summation or integration of Weyl-Loops so results in periods of time.
The present 'Greater Timeloop' is the 65 Mayan baktun cycle.
The following link (The 8x8=64 Cycles of the Metamorphosis of the Human Chryslis} can introduce the details to you.

Each one of those 64 cycles can be finestructured or subdivided into other cycles and one of those becomes the one indicated in the other post, resulting in your query.
The 'warptime' label refers to the uniqueness of the One-Many identification, which you may term the 'Office of the Plumed Serpent of Melchisedec'.
This information from Thuban is 'authorized' by the One holding that 'office' as archetypical foundation in the Cosmic Logos.

I'm sorry, but I can not make use of your explanation. It too uses descriptions I have no basis for understanding. Can you tell it in a story? or draw a mental picture?

I understand how time loops, in the sense that we use the law of attraction to pull experiences from our past and toss them into our future path.
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