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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Initiate View Post
Thanks for the validation Abrax. At what stage did the concept of the Dragon come about? What colour is the Master Dragon that you are heralding?
Anyone notice the blue woman depicted in the ceremonies (hint avatar)? Do these represent the Agarthans in the ceromonies? What don't you agree with in a very small extent?
Dear Initiate!

The colour of the Master-Dragon is SkyBlue or Cyan.
Cyan blends in equal proportion with Red to neutralize to either Pure White in Light and to Pure Black in Paint/Mass.

The Red Dragon in prophecy is called the 'Devil' and so is neutralized in the Entwined Serpent or Double-Dragon of the White Lucifer With the Black Lucifer.

The 'small extent' is simply the necessary filtering of the archetypical base data of the producers of this film.
They used the archetypes in a rather 'purified' manner and because of this the information is similar in 'purity' of having transversed the 'astral planes' to the Ra material.

An example is the Agartha prototype.
Towards the end, the Russion physicist pointed out that Agartha was NOT 3D but higherD, but the general thrust of the film would entice many viewers to believe that the physical 3D earth is hollow.
The Ra material implies the same in a general sense.

You could so consider my 'small reservations' as 'lack of detail or clarification' and not so much disagreement with the data.

I have used this film and your comments on the linked website and so you can witness my approval of this information.

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