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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by mntruthseeker View Post
Thank you for your help in asking source in helping me. I also asked for help as I really have the need to understand it all. I think that it is taken me longer than most because I want to check out every angle to reassure myself.

Wonderful response to hippihillbobbi !

I should of known better but now that you put it down so I can understand it puts a smile on my face. Its not the way I care to learn a lesson as I of course was wrong in my preception, which you had already figured out.

I never studied RA or Seth material and it seems I have much to do

I was not under the impression that Anna Hayes was montauk or channelled (if it was or not, you didnt say), which makes me a little leary now. I have to say that she has brought to me more than others. I have learn much from her and I have much to learn.

I will research the site you reference

Thanks once again for your help

A'sha does not channel nor she has been in the Montauk project. The only thing she said on the Angelic realities book is that on one opportunity she was abducted by governmental officials that interrogated her when she was a child.

It is surprising how many people does not like her just because she has the courage to challenge the system!

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