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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by BROOK View Post
That is why you seek clear and concise "Validation" is just getting information "second hand"...without validation.
Am I or anyone else going to create my reality from what someone else has put out there? Or am I going to create my reality to that which I know is true from experience and such validation.....the choice is yours.

Dear Brook!

Without information, any and whatever information, accessible to you to ponder, analyse or discern; NO Validation relative to your scrutiny and discernment is possible.

This is the 'beauty' of science and of mathematical logistics.
It is easy to 'validate' scientific data in the form of equations and formulae; as these can be dissected and 'checked' for selfconsistency by anyone familiar with the language codes.

Generally writing and for all concerned.

I am not here to 'prove' anything. This would take your self-empowerment away and entice some to become 'followers' of the Thuban agenda.

However, anyone familiar with scientific nomenclature is invited to challenge and critisize formulations and equations, as these are 'part and parcel' of the Terran data base and so subject to the methodology of the sciences manifested on this planet.

If you wish to know who is going to win the world cup in soccer/football in South Africa; or the winner of the superbowl or the winning lotto numbers or the stockmarket climbers or the birthdate and whereabouts of Aunt Elisabeth or Uncle Harry; there are other avenues for you to explore.

I am simply here to give you information you will not obtain from anywhere else. If asked to leave, I shall simply leave and pursue my agenda of disseminating Thuban data as shall then become appropriate.

My agenda is similar to that of the wingmakers and to that of Hidden Hand and similar agencies.

My agenda is not be public in any manner except through forums such as this one.

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