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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by abraxasinas
Dear me, no my dear Steven!

You have misunderstood the reply. The Andromedan stated, through Alex Collier, that they DID NOT KNOW where the 'elders' came from. This and the opening of the 12th dimension.

I did understand your reply, but I disagree with your statement about the "elder".

You are free to disagree with anything given as data from Thuban.

I then outlined in some detail, that the Draconians (of Collier) as well as the Lyrans (of Collier) are the GrandChildren of the 'founding elders'.
As you see, there is a missing generation - the Paa Taal (Collier), who are the 'common ancestors' of both the 'Draconian ' 'Dark STS' brotherhood say and the 'Lyran' 'Light STO' brotherhood (which then (Collier) gave issue to the Pleiadeans and the humans).

You have a very strong perspective of generation and lineage. It is good, but not absolute. We are all brothers and sisters under Creation, there is no hierarchy of importance in the hand of Creator. We are not from the lineage of the draconians, we are from a different composure. Draconians and dows are races hydrogen based form of life, while we human are oxygen based. We might have draconian DNA, but it was done unnaturally.

This is your cosmology Steven and it is not 1st hand as your invocation of hydrogen based lifeforms indicates.
It is true that all are equal, yet the lineage of the generations exists. Before you can be a Father of Children you must be a Son and before you can become a GrandFather you must be a Father of Children This is not judgement or hierarchy, but a natural order of things.
The ultimate graduation and destiny of ALL is that of being Creator-Creation Oneself.
This will allow the Creator of the Universe which you experience NOW to become a GrandCreator.
Your destiny so is to act as a Son of the Creator and LEARN the Creator-Trade and to GROW UP to FATHER your OWN UNIVERSE.
ONLY THEN, will you give your FATHER the Joy of becoming a GRANDFATHER.
You are NOT a FATHER before you are a SON on the ultimate level.
Because YOU have called me your child, I have reflected this back to you calling you my Grandchild. I KNOW of what 'hierarchy' I speak of.

Once you Know how to create a universe in the capacity of a Father of the Cosmos; THEN shall I call you MY Brother and not before.
You are destined to be such and you can indeed assume the mantle and office of an elder ONCE you have learned to interpret the archetypes of creation. Some on this forum I indeed call an equal elder in understanding.

Nowhere did I even mention your 'Great Galactic War' as being anything else but a 'war between archetypes'. I did however separate the observer perspective of Andromeda as being extragalactic, whilst the 'Alpha Draconians', as well as the Lyran-Pleiadean-Human perspectives are from the intergalactic observation platform.

Yes, I understand your statement that your point of view (Thuban records) is from a higher perspective than the andromedans from Collier. But I simply do not believe it.

You are free to believe and disbelieve as you so may wish.

Then I attempted to clarify the Paa Taal as being a 'unified' observation point and I should have clarified, that this unified perspective 'transcends' all of your and Collier's notion of the 'Great Galactic War' in this galaxy and as say observed by the Andromdean extragalactic viewpoint.
You can write your own story about those 'wars of the Stars' OR you can accept the many other legends about those wars in editorial function or copycat fashion.

Or you can believe the "Thuban records" like you do. I do not believe them, that is why my point of view differ.

You are honoured by the Thuban Council in your choice to reject this information.

So yes, the Draconians (and all other races) are descendants from the Elders but the Elders are 'a generation' removed through the intermissiary of the Paa Taal. As the participants of the 'Great Galactic Wars' are all akin 'Grandchildren' of the Elders and akin Children of the Paa Taal; all of them remain 'in ambivalence' or mystery as to their origins.

Once again, it does not matter where you come from in the face of Creator, we are all sisters and brothers equal in the perspective of Creation that hold us all in consciousness. There is no proclaimed superior race, no decree written by Creation to let one race "rule" over another. Draconians are foreign to our universe, but welcome to live in peace as long as they accept to respect "Freewill" of self evolution without intervention. This is not from me, but from what Creation tells me. You can of course disagree and think I'm completely dreaming me inner knowledge, it is something that does not bother me. I expect the same attitude from you of course.

Without clearly defining the terms you use, such as "Draconians are foreign to our universe'; your suppositions and understandings remain speculative blendings of 2nd and 3rd handed accounts you have encountered from divers sources, which you then compare with the information shared here under the label of the 'Data from Thuban'.

You can attempt to induce me to 'describe' the 'Great Galactic Wars' until the holy cows of Hathor return from Egypt, I will not do so.
In your attempt to contradict my data base by and through your comparative data obtained by a variety of other sources and authors; you are conveniently omitting my statement, that all of those 'star wars records' depict secondary and tertiary accounts and manifestations of the archetypes FOUNDED by the Elders and MANIFESTED by the Paa Taal and then RECORDED by the Third Generation.

The only sources I used to dialogue with you is my inner knowledge, and Alex Collier message received from the andromedans. The "Great Galactic War" came to be when draconians where "sent" in our Universe. They were established in the Alpha draconis star system. Being evolved as explorer they went to the Lyrian Star system and imposed their point of view of Creation to the Lyrians. The Lyrians refused to be treated as an "under race" and the dracoids did not like it. That is how the "Great Galatic War" began and it last for long. Since then, dracoids formed alliance with other races and tries to influence the course of natural evolution of emerging race, like ours here and now...

This is just such a 3rd handed account you have used to construct your own individual cosmology in your divinely sanctioned attempt to become a Universe Maker. Indeed your inner guidance will guide you; sometimes into directions and understandings hitherto unforeseen and unexpected.

As member of the Council of Thuban, I observe the many records of the 'story telling' of OUR Grandchildren. There is no need for me to IMAGE another accord for this, as the Archetypology described to you in some detail, ENCOMPASSES ALL of such stories and legends.

Again, same answer. I understand your statement that the "Thuban records" are from higher perspective and encompass all our data and understanding. I just do not agree with this statement, I find it manipulative and tyrannical.

Your definition of what the labels 'manipulative' and 'tyrannical' mean in associativity with archetypological semiotics may differ from the Thubanese definitions.

You cannot contradict my database dear Grandchild. Perhaps it would be advisable for you to discover who your parents are, before you question the wisdom of the Elders.

I can disagree with your data base and I can say it is wrong. I am not trying to convince you, but I expect the same from you, that is "Freewill". I am son of Creation dear brother. I am not your grandchild, but your brother, equal in all manners. I am free and responsible of my consciousness and all repercussion of my act around me because I know the Universal Laws that encompass all Existence. I can question the wisdom of the elders because I am a soul connected to Creation. I expect the "wisdom of the elders" to respect my "Freewill" and the "Freewill" of all inhabitant of the Universe.

As said above; you will become and graduate to be 'my brother', when you have found your sonship to OUR COMMON FATHER. It is neither in my authority nor in my desire to 'judge' you or the time this is so. Your 'inner guidance' might do so however.
Simply relative to my understanding you are not yet my brother due to the criteria stated before.
Corollarily, you are free to consider me your brother or child or opponent or deceiver or whatever in any form you wish in the free will of your relativity applied to yourself and all of your environmental interactions.

Grandpa Abraxas

Father Abraxas

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