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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Jacqui D View Post
Thank you Abrax for explaining those things for me.
We are all one yes, higher/ lower i have always said there are many worlds within worlds and we walk these worlds as higher levels or lower ones. This makes sense.
And we are all mirror images /parallels.
Some say they have almost met with their other self i have not experienced this can i ask what would happen if this occurred or is this impossible.Am i confusing this with a doppleganger and what is a doppleganger anyway.

Memories are coming back to me and through regression i have seen who i was / am which was very humbling when you re- connect it is the most wonderful thing to experience.
Dear Jacqui!

You have as many Shadows as you allow to be.
The 1st hand archetype is the Khaibit say as the Number 9 in the Tree of Life or the Hebrew Kabbalah.

The 'Tree of Life' is found in the 'Garden of Eden', the Paradise WITHIN YOU. It is not some external place in some faraway galaxy or at the center of the earth.

Then 2nd hand and 3rd hand information attempts to manifest and rename this archetype.
From this the concept of the 'Mirror Self' and the 'Doppelgaenger' develops.
The 'Mirror-Self' is also the part of your Soul which DID NOT incarnate as Jacqui, but as your 'missing cosmic twinship' say.
If you would have been born a boy, Jack, then all your life you would be 'looking' for your missing bit(s).
There is also a real true Sister-Jacqui and a Brother-Jack by the Sex-Chromosome combinations: YX1; YX2; X0X1 and X0X2.
Your incarnational Jacqui is say X0X1 and say yourself as your own nonincarnate sister X0X2 might be inclined to be bisexual in her attraction to the feminine.
Iow your shadows and doppelgaengers harmonise the human sexuality in a quadruplicity of being Four in One.

Your returning memories are preparing you to accept your Family-Soul; this family being YOU independent from biological birthgivers, as the archetype of the original Cosmic LoveChild of God in the YX|XY mirror of AdamEve=Vitruvius of Leonardo da Vinci and other labellings.

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