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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Malletzky View Post
Hi Abrax, thanks for your reply. Basicly, I really started reading the Urantia book few years ago...but I only I didn't found the concepts presented there being in tune with my own vibrational state at that time, nor I have the feeling I must go back and read the whole book.
I fully agree with your sentiments here Malletzky. As said it is a product of its wartime time.

As I read what you replied, it becomes obvious to me that actually, I did answered my questions with my hypothetical answers. To specify some things, I will use excerpts of your post and comment on them:

No, I don't really associate the multidimensional, and therefore the 8D, with any "standard ideas".

The 'Standard Ideas' are of course pioneering to other perspectives.

This is getting clearer and clearer to me now...there's something "special" going on and we're all a part of it. I guess, we should considere us being "lucky" (I know lucky is not the apropriate word for this) to be here and now!

Indeed; 'free willed', 'complementary' and 'completing a long journey of the soul' are also appropriate labels.

I've never considered the "creation", no matter how multi/interdimensional it is, to be a place where battles should be battled. I don't even consider there are any battles...except one, which is the battle to unify the one that is with the one that isn't. Like said in your beautifull Parabel...the moment the gardener realise he is the planter and visa versa, that's the moment of unification.

This is just the externilization of the 'inner battle'. As the saying goes: 'The Only enemy is within'. Make with with IT and the external pace shall follow.

And that point of INFOLDMENT...this is what I considered as "the Mistery".

So I guess, the things are getting clearer now...but still much to learn here.

Of course and anyone understanding the parable in its deeper context from its periphery cannot but understand the cosmogenesis and one's own relevance to it.

thanks again
Thanking you for a thoughtful and intelligent discourse.

Love and Gnosis Abraxas
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