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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
Hi Spregovori!

You are using extremely generalized concepts here, which cannot be answered except in similar generalities.
Yes it was generalized...I think I was hoping for a "cooking recipe" answer

step A - do this
step B - do that
step C - boil for 5 minutes

Do not know hot to un-generalize it...

But I think I have managed to make a "thesis" of a sort (from the given answers)...something that almost anyone can "like" and use....although it may be generalized...and it may lack the "details" necessary to implement it.

Details were "overlooked" since it can be...for example..hard to explain how to make omlet du fromage with an electric kitchen appliances to the stone age man.

Or I might just lack the necessary background (like voyager and urantia books etc) For example Rok=18+15+11=44=DD I have 0 idea about "my number" being 44 etc (my first name is Rok)

But than might not matter..since at one stage...I might as well find out that the infromation in the books has been either falsified or requires additional "hard-core" studies (of the Sumerian tablets for example)...since...when can one actually say that he/she can entirely comprehend it?

When can (if even) one distinct between following the infromation and actually understanding the infromation?

To all that might be interested... my "master thesis" :

Us people see what we want to see, we create this with our thoughts. Our thoughts are the result of what we perceive with our senses. By thinking about something we help to manifest it. All that is, is our own doing, here for us to experience it and learn from it. To learn to appreciate what could one day be a harmony of life.

Each can be individual. Each can choose his/her own way of individuality.

You choose what to believe.
You choose what to create.
You choose what to be.
You choose what to experience.

There are no mistakes. There are just learning experiences.

No fear of someone telling you what you must do.
No fear of someone dictating you the rules on how you must do it.
No fear of someone doing it for you.

You can/will hold the responsibility for everything you create.

At the end of all things, the final choice is always yours to make.

Your life, your choice.

Coming from within you or from some outside stimulus...the choice you make is one else can do it for you.

I think this is something almost (almost!=all) anyone can relate to. This is something I can call a Free Will (with 1 exception)

Are you a smiling, slim, long black-haired girl in your twenties and you just made a choice to trans-locate to my bed and it did not work?

Are you a space "freak" and just made a choice to teleport to Mars and it did not work?

Why it did not work?

It might be that you are simply not the "master of the universe" and would actually need a space craft or something?

(about the girl part...if you happen to be in the area I believe something can be arranged...a "jump room to jump bedroom"

have fun people...or at least...try to