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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)


Your posts continue to amaze me and thank you for your comments.

You state that the rising of Gaia from the 4th to the 5th dimensions is an event of universal proportions which is truly an exciting proposition and I tremble at the thought!

However, will all or most, humans recognize this transition or phase shift? (it would seem that they should even into the 3D)

Or is it that experiences of these transformations are reserved only for the select few of higher ‘esoteric’ conscious vibration. If that is the case then isn’t this just another ‘elitist’ ascension practice that only the ‘chosen few’ are ‘allowed’ to recognize or understand? (the world is full of stories such as these like the followers of Hailbop or the Jonestown believers)

Why would it be so difficult to find the ‘mirroring’ of these ‘manifestations’ that are to come into the 3D as is the creation?

Without 3D confirmations… (from where we experience most of our awareness and human impressions) what’s the point? (I think this is what Jesus faced with his disciples except for the fact that he rose from death to show that death had no hold on him)

These beautiful things that you speak of can seemingly be proven by mathematics? ( my heart wants you to be right but my mind… hmmm) Of the billions on this earth, how many can follow the mathematics? How can you prove that it is true, even to yourself if there is not 3D confirmation?

I hear a few on these forums talk about existing for billions of years or millions of lifetimes or coming from the 12th, 24th, or 50th dimensions or from wherever. (as far as I know they could all be delusional human beings in 3D, even though they claim they are
not… yeah right and I’m the Easter Bunny… who rides on roller skates around my spherical universe that only expands in proportion to the speed with which I accelerate my skates)

So can you point to definitive 3D experiences ‘most’ should recognize as these transformations begin to unfold and to manifest? And by what period of time will these events have occurred?

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