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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

hey abrax... why do you live in canberra? is it somewhere you think is safe? or you have no need to be safe in a physical form?
i am as curious as anyone else about you.. and i am just happy your only 3 hrs away, and that one day we may meet... i live in orange nsw..
i have followed this forum and project camelot from day dot. i am concerned for my and my kids future. their protection is of my only importance and i have to try to protect them from a distance.
i have, from a very early age new that the way our race is living is not how it was meant to live. i have known there is something out there i cannot reach just yet.. i was told once that by the age of 35 i would get what i am after.. but that is still a few yrs away..
do you see me obtaining my/universal truth?
i would be interested in getting your email in a private message and we could exchange a few teachings to help me raise my vibrations a little more.. so i could raise my childrens too make them stronger... because i am afraid the people they are around drain what i try to manifest in them..

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