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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Phtha View Post
Thanks for the info about the atmostphere friend Sirebard. I remember getting in trouble in elementary school for refusing to believe the sky was blue because of the reflection of 'blue' ocean water. (I'm sure they have changed their story by now though)

Can you list the approxomite frequencies of all the 'true' colours in Terahertz, as well as their wavelengths in nanometers?
The net is full of conflicting information regarding these numbers.
Also thanks for the info on standing wave harmonics! Stuff like this makes math fun.

Red=656 nm---457 THz
Orange=607 nm---494 THz
Golden Yellow=585 nm---513 THz
Yellow=567 nm---529 THz
Green Yellow=563 nm---533 THz
Green-Blue=492 nm---610 THz
Aqua Blue=489 nm---613 THz
Blue=485 nm---619 THz
Indigo=464 nm---647 THz
Violet=433 nm---693 THz

About the Essenes. 'The Essene Gospels of Peace' translated by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely is one of my all time favorite texts I've read to date. There is a lot of controversy concerning the 'origin' of these texts. Were they transcribed from an ancient manuscript found in the vatican as Edmond claims?

Partially; at present no source on earth has deciphered the ancient texts to full extent - the time was not approprite.

Whatever the true origin I don't really care in the end, as I love the information, but it's always nice to know.

Also.. one more question... can you define Love if you haven't already? That feeling that I love to send to you and everyone (and everything) else on the planet and beyond. That seems to exist everywhere at all times, in both Light and Darkness is it found. That seems to create all movements, above and below, and is the cause of all 'evolution', the only force that seems to actually exist, everything else being illusion or distortion.

I have defined it in terms of the energy quantum on this thread a number of times and in a definition which is subject to discovery in the labs. You might term it the Love Photon or the God-Particle or the SourceSink Energy Quantum.
It so is most definitely related to all these 'energy=spirit' concepts of lifeforces like Orgone, Chi, Prana, Biophotons, Lifeforce, Mitogenetic radiation etc. etc.

Oops... I fooled myself, another question came up. Do you know the process required to use standing waves as carrier waves for say electro-magnetism? If so... what mechanisms and/or material are required in order to 'insert' emf waves into a standing wave?

Technically, science creates cavities as harmonic oscillators. The emf waves are not different from standing waves but become 'guided' by these waves. There are multitudinous aspects to this: Bohm's Waves of Formation in intricate and explicate order; Casimir effects; superconductivity; quantum entanglement; holographic and holofracal cosmologies and the physics of quantum mechanics in fourier analysis and fourier transformations of linear systems into nonlinear systems.

The misunderstood bit in contemporary physics is that NOT ALL EMR waves require mass or inertia to become generated.
The EMR spectrum is linear, say between the lowest frequency radio waves and the highest frequency gamma rays.
This linearity is defined by the inertia coupling, say the Sun's photons stem from accelerated Coulomb (electric) charges ALWAYS associated with the MASS of the nuclear fusion protons in the Hydrogen to Helium conversion.

Then do NONMASS coupled charges exist?
If so then the acceleration of those would create a different and more energetic form of EMR.

Bingo, you have discovered the secret of string/brane theory and a 'secret' Ed Witten, as the 'scientific stalwart' of M-Theory would be dear to know.

But these 'magnetocharges' do in fact CLOSE the linear EMR spectrum of the physics in the form of the Ouroborus, the Milky Way serpent swalling its own tail.

Well, there you are in your AA-conspiracies of the Big Bad White Dragon of the sky.

Blest are you!

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